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MARCH 2022: no material difference in performance

March 2022 data show that there is no material difference in performance between the MSCI USA ex weapons and non renewable index and its parent index.

The FTSE ex Australia choice index did however outperform its parent index in Q1 and the near term, but its long term performance still remains superior to that of its parent index.


The MSCI USA ex Weapons and Non Renewables Select Index is based on the MSCI USA Index, its parent index, which captures large and mid cap segments of the US equity markets.
The index excludes companies from the parent index that have involvement with controversial weapons, nuclear weapons, thermal coal, oil sands and Artic oil. Constituent selection is based on data from MSCI ESG Research.
The FTSE Developed ex Australia Choice Index measures the performance of the FTSE Developed ex Australia Index after excluding companies involved in Vice Products (Adult Entertainment, Alcohol, Gambling, Tobacco), Non-Renewable Energy (Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels), and Weapons (Civilian Firearms, Controversial Military Weapons, Conventional Military Weapons).