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The Quit Nukes Honour Roll profiles the Australian financial institutions that have adopted and implemented policies to comprehensively prevent any financial involvement with companies that produce nuclear weapons.

We congratulate these institutions for supporting progress towards the abolition of nuclear weapons, and a safer world for all.

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Australian Ethical provides superannuation and managed funds.

Australian Ethical’s Charter states they must avoid any investment which is considered to “create, encourage or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments.”

Australian Ethical doesn’t invest in any nuclear associated companies and applies a 0% revenue threshold for companies for manufacture of weapons, uranium mining and nuclear power generation. Australian Ethical applies the policy to all assets it manages, including third party funds. Australian Ethical applies the policy to all types of investments. It does not make use of external asset managers.

Australian Ethical joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in October 2019. Previous Honour Roll member Christian Super merged with Australian Ethical in 2022.

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Crescent Wealth provides superannuation.

Managing Director Talal Yassine OAM explains why Crescent Wealth is a proud member of the Quit Nukes Honour Roll:

“The nuclear weapon threat we currently face poses grave consequences that has somehow not taken precedence over its very real human and environmental devastation.  

It is way past the expiry date for Super funds to continue to invest in the weapons industry. Crescent Wealth Super has taken a moral, ethical and investment stance, we have never and will never invest in weapons, not only in nuclear and controversial weapons (chemical, biological weapons, landmines and cluster munitions) but the entire weapons industry.

Being Australia’s only super fund that invests according to Islamic investment principles, our number-one priority is to ensure that the fund is consistent with the faith-based values of our members at all times. This means implementing and maintaining ethical investment governance processes that comply with Islamic investment principles.”

Crescent Wealth joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in December 2020.

"We explicitly exclude all investments in the entire weapons industry, that includes companies that manufacture weapons or their technology, buy/sell or finance the weapons industry. This has been our ethical investment position from day one and will never change. It is our obligation to create and contribute to a world free of such destructive harms."
Talal Yassine OAM
Managing Director, Crescent Wealth Super

U Ethical provides managed funds.  

U Ethical is one of the largest ethical investment managers in Australia with over $1 billion under management and takes  ” bold positions on important ethical matters.”

U Ethical screens out  companies with any involvement in nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

U Ethical joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in March 2021.

“U Ethical Investors has resolutely excluded companies involved in the production of nuclear weapons from its investable universe. Long cognisant of the risks of both military and civilian use of nuclear technology, a desire to avoid involvement with uranium mining provided the impetus for the creation of our first funds in the late 1970s. I look forward to a world free of from the destructive threat of nuclear weapons.”
Matthew Browning
Chief Executive Officer, U Ethical

Bank Australia provides banking, lending and insurance. 

Bank Australia’s  Responsible Banking Policy states “we don’t lend to corporations that produce or sell armaments”, including nuclear weapons. 

Bank Australia joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in October 2019.

“Nuclear weapons are designed and manufactured to cause maximum harm to people who are often civilians. Bank Australia is proud to provide Australians with the option to ensure their money is not supporting companies who make money from these weapons.”
John Yardley
Bank Australia Acting CEO

Future Super provides superannuation. 

Future Super’s ethical mandate says that “Future Super seeks to avoid investment in the following activities and to exclude these activities from the fund’s investments: armaments and militarism, support for regressive regimes, or operations in countries of concern; uranium and nuclear energy; the financing or support of activities that cause environmental or social harm.”

Companies involved in the “production of armaments” includes all nuclear weapons producers, and are fully excluded from investments. 

The policy applies to all assets, managed internally or externally. The Future Super Group is also contracted as a service provider and has helped create the investment methodologies, and performs the ethical screening, for two Exchange Trade Funds of the company Betashares. Both of these ETFS specifically exclude companies involved in armaments, nuclear energy and uranium.

Future Super joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in October 2019.

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"At Future Super, we have made our stance concrete: we will not invest our members' money in nuclear energy, uranium mining, nuclear weaponry or companies that profit from these industries. We take a long-term view on managing social and environmental risks, including the potential for catastrophic nuclear fallout."
Simon Sheikh
Founder and MD, Future Super

Verve Super provides superannuation. 

Verve Super has been operating since 2018 and manages more than $18 million in assets. Future Super Fund Management manages the investments of Verve Super. Verve applies negative screens to “armaments and militarism, support for regressive regimes or operations in countries of concern” and  “nuclear and uranium”, including nuclear weapons. 

Verve Super joined the Quit Nukes Honour Roll in April 2020.


Quit Nukes applies definitions and criteria developed by Don’t Bank on the Bomb to assess whether a financial institution is nuclear weapon free.  To be included in the Quit Nukes Honour Roll financial institutions must:

Exclude all nuclear weapon associated companiesThe policy excludes:

  • whole companies, not only nuclear weapons related projects
  • companies associated with nuclear weapons including through joint ventures
  • companies regardless of their country of origin
  • companies regardless of their country of operation.

Exclude all nuclear weapon associated activities. The policy excludes companies associated with:

  • development, testing, production, maintenance or trade of nuclear weapons related technology, parts, products or services
  • delivery systems such as missiles, that are specifically developed for nuclear tasks. It does not include delivery platforms such as bombers and submarines.


Apply to all the institution’s products and services. The institution applies the policy:

  • for the entire group, including subsidiaries  
  • in all markets
  • to all asset management classes – passive and active, internal and external
  • to all existing and future investments

To be included in the Honour Roll, financial institutions complete a Quit Nukes questionnaire and provide evidence such as policies, exclusion lists, and other documents. Quit Nukes takes all care to verify the information provided, but acknowledges that financial institutions can and do change their investment policies and practices. Please contact the financial institution directly for the most up to date policy information. Inclusion in the Honour Roll is not an endorsement of a financial institution’s products, and should not be construed as financial advice. 

We welcome inquiries from funds who wish to be included in the Honour Roll: