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The companies involved in nuclear weapons vary, sometimes from year to year, as contracts end or commence. Most of the major conventional weapons companies have some involvement. Quit Nukes has identified the following companies as having significant involvement, though this list is not exhaustive:

Airbus SE
BAE Systems Plc
Boeing Co.
BWX Technologies Inc
Dessault Aviation SA
Fluor Corp
General Dynamics
Honeywell International Inc
Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc
Jacobs Solutions Inc
L3 Harris Technologies
Leonardo Spa
Lockheed Martin Corp
Northrop Grumman Corp
Rolls-Royce Holdings
RTX Technologies
Safran SA
Textron Inc

Most major Australian superannuation funds have holdings in nuclear weapons companies. Many exclude ‘controversial weapons’ like cluster munitions, but continue to invest in nuclear weapons companies. The funds with clear policies to exclude investments in nuclear weapons are listed on our Honour Roll. Our 2021 report gives a detailed assessment of major super funds’ policies and practicies; a new report will be published in 2024. 

Super funds quit investments in certain industries by applying ‘exclusions’ or ‘screens’ to their portfolio. These screens are often developed by index providers or asset managers, who analyse a company’s activities against a set of criteria,  such as ethical, social, legal or regulatory considerations. Companies that meet the criteria are screened out of the portfolio. 

Which screens a fund applies depends on a few factors – and what fund members’ want is important. Funds must act in their members’ best financial interests, but they should also listen to members’ preferences, and respond to changing social norms and expectations.

Read more about screening at the Principles of Responsible Investment. 


Contact your fund through their members portal, online enquiry page, customer service hotline – or send a good old letter! You can ask your fund to exclude investments in nuclear weapons across their entire portfolio.