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The Australia Institute and Quit Nukes have assessed the policy and practice of Aware Super.

Information is valid as of November 2021. 


Aware Super is Australia’s second largest superannuation fund, with approximately $150 billion in assets and 1.1 million member accounts as of June 2021.


Aware Super should include nuclear weapons in the definition of controversial weapons, and ensure all companies that derive revenue from nuclear weapons are excluded with a 0% revenue threshold across all portfolios.

In November 2021, Aware Super committed to reviewing its controversial weapons criteria in the ‘near future’. 


Aware Super’s website contains general information regarding their approach to responsible investment including action on climate change and other social issues, but no specific information on nuclear weapons. 

Aware Super’s ESG policy makes note of a controversial weapons policy, but nuclear weapons are not included as controversial weapons. 


Examination of holdings and shareholder voting records showed that, in October 2021, Aware Super maintained holdings in fifteen nuclear weapons producers. 

Read our detailed assessment of Aware Super’s policy and practice in our 2021 report