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The Australia Institute and Quit Nukes have assessed the policy and practice of AustralianSuper.

Information is valid as of October 2021. 


AustralianSuper is Australia’s largest superannuation fund by both funds under management and by membership, with over $233 billion in assets and over 2.4 million member accounts as of June 2021, according to the 2021 Annual Report.


AustralianSuper should update its responsible investing policy, to ensure all companies that derive revenue from nuclear weapons are excluded across the whole portfolio, with a 0% revenue threshold, and divest from all current nuclear weapons holdings.


AustralianSuper’s website identifies tobacco as their only fund-wide exclusion.

AustralianSuper offers Socially Aware and Member Direct options that allow members to invest to higher ESG standards. The Socially Aware option excludes companies that directly own uranium reserves but it does not exclude companies that produce nuclear weapons.


AustralianSuper invests close to $1.5 billion in nuclear weapons companies, which  represents 0.64% of total Funds Under Management of $233 billion. 

AustralianSuper invests in 18 of the 25 companies identified as nuclear weapon  producers by Don’t Bank on the Bomb; the Socially Aware investment option held the highest  proportion of nuclear weapons producers.

Read our detailed assessment of AustralianSuper’s policy and practice in our 2021 report